hello web travelers :D this post is currently being written at 10:46 pm on wednesday, may 4th. may the fourth be with you or whatever...im not a big star wars fan... hope you've had a good spring day though

its been officially 2 days with my boyfriend being in a different state and i miss him so much. just knowing he's so far from me is such a sad thought T_T so ive been practically living in his hoodies and have been wearing all the jewelry he got me. heres some pics he took from his trip that i love so much:

all taken by braylon ofc

thought of the day ?!?!?
internet culture is so fucken awesome. but also so scary, there's some weird shit out there. the internet is such a powerful tool not only for the use of searching for information but also for education, communication, and creativity.

unfortunately, and im just gonna jump straight into this, i believe the use of call phones has limited our creativity as users of the internet by a great deal. i mean, on our phones, we're all limited to only the applications in the app store, plus the occasional use of a browser acessing you to the world wide web. and that sucks! every single social media app is beginning to represent every other app. in other words, they're all the same and seriously lack creative potential. ill continue this next week probably