welcome to the homescreen-turned-aboutme(.html)

my name is abigail, im 15
i love my 'puter, but i also:

love eating right, keeping active, and spending time with my loved ones (you should, too!)

i have 2 younger siblings, a lovely boyfriend, and a mother and father, whomst i love all more than myself

i'm a self-taught coder since january 2022, and id like to think im almost proficient in HTML and CSS, and im currently learning python in an actual coding class at school :D

life update log

  • fun fact: refresh this page, and watch that first image change!
  • my bf and i will have been together for 10 months as of 1/16/23!
  • made this thing
Which Madoka Magica Girl Are You?

Which Madoka Magica Girl Are You?